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We find it important that you know whom you do business with. We are proud to have teamed up with Oasis Group, who will manage the White Hotel. This important partnership between the Oasis Atlantico company and Daniele Rampini’s Cape Verde Real Estate includes not only White Hotel management, but also the progressive joint participation in other projects.

The collaboration with Oasis makes White Hotel a doubly advantageous investment: besides being a condo hotel that guarantees a secure income to its owners, it will have a manager with an exceptional tourist brand, which will allow the owners to feel privileged guests in any hotel in the chain hotel industry.

In the picture above, you see Daniele Rampini with Mario Antao and OASIS Atlantico CEO Alexandre Abade.



Daniele Rampini

On December 22nd 1997, I first came to Boa Vista. Almost by accident, I would say. Tough this is a beautiful long story. In Sal Rei, time and life were flowing slowly, with its inhabitants and their traditions. 


Joy and nostalgia were melting and reflecting perfectly in Cesària Èvora’s music. I was fascinated and felt a burst of emotions and feelings. Since then, I began to know the island with its warm turquoise waters and beach sides paradise. My name is Daniele Rampini and before starting this marvelous personal and professional journey to Boa Vista, I had different prospective. On the other hand, taking this growth chance was the best thing it could have ever happened to me.


My business with Real Estate has started in 1986, when I graduated as a surveyor. Subsequently I’ve undergone an apprentice in a technical office. In 1989, I decided to experience in firsthand the commercial sector as a sales agent until 1998. In the same year I launched my Real Estate Boa Vista group which has built and sold more than 200 units so far.



Oasis Atlantic is a Portuguese Holding Group born in Cape Verde, with over 20 years of growth in the tourism market. Owned by six Portuguese shareholders, it works in cooperation with some of the world’s largest tour operator groups in various markets. Its mission is to develop, operate and manage luxurious structures in harmony with local cultures and environment. Oasis currently possess eight structures ranging from 4 to 5- star hotels and resorts across Cape Verde, Morocco and Brazil. The capacity of its hotels will more than double in the next 5 years.

It works in collaboration with some of the greatest tour operators groups in the world and with the main operators in various markets of origin; it is the largest Portuguese hotel group operating in Capo Verde and one of the largest Portuguese investors in the country. 


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