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White Hotel

We’re building a state of the art Hotel on Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde and you can buy a suite! Keep reading to explore all privileges.

Guaranteed Revenue

Receive a yearly cashback based on your initial investment

Exclusive Privileges

Thirty days per year of free vacation in Cape Verde, Brazil or Morocco

Prime Location

Boa Vista has a lot to offer for tourists, both for relax and activities

Quality Property

In this very upcoming location, the new construction will increase quickly in value

The Concept

How it works

You invest in a suite of your choice. For the next 10 years you will receive a cashback of 5% of your investment yearly, guaranteed by the bank. On top of that, you will get to enjoy the privileges of staying in any of the 8 OASIS  resorts in Cape Verde, Morocco or Brazil for 30 days per year. 

The Hotel

Our Suites

All the suites will be a perfect fusion between modernity and Cape Verdean art. Equipped with large bathrooms, terrace and air conditioning. Every single unit will be soundproofed, in order to make every stay in the White Hotel a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Apartments Sold
Apartments Available
Construction Progress 75%

The Location

Boa Vista

A Paradise Island in the Atlantic Ocean with loads to discover!

Enter a magic world of leisure, fun and adventure where moments are savour and smiles are abundant. Let yourself be carried by the rhythm of the country where dreams are lived and memories are created.


Boa Vista is one of the world’s temple for kite, wind and wave surfing, but it’s also a great place for doing quad excursions, trekking, marathons,
yoga and capoeira.


The Cape Verdean culture is very rich. Different traditions based on music, crafts, literature, and religion are just some of the elements.


A varied marine fauna enriched by the presence of protected species of tourist interest, such as humpback whales and the turtle Caretta Caretta.


Local cooking is based on fish, rice, legumes and corn, biologically produced, local products. It doesn’t get fresher than this!


The nature of Boavista is unique. The island has 55 km of beautiful beaches with white sand and emerald water, characteristics that make Boavista an exceptional tourist destination.


About us
White Hotel will be proudly operated by Oasis Atlantico, a Portuguese hotel manager born in Cape Verde, with over 20 years of growth in the tourism market.


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