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Boa Vista is one of the world’s temple for kite surfing, wind surfing or wave surfing. Sport fishing is another important activity on the island, in particular Marlin fishing, which attracts numerous tourists from all over the world.

Romantic or dynamic quad excursions, buggy, trekking or marathons can be organised in pair or groups.

There is great potential for sports on the island of Boavista. Besides field and board sports, such as football, handball, volleyball and basketball, practiced by a large part of the population, the island presents resources for the development of new sports practices, the so-called extreme sports. Enjoy your stay in Cape Verde, especially on the island of Boavista, in a more active, dynamic and healthy way. Here you can find some selected sports that exist on the island.


Water sports: Kite, Surf, wind, sup, skim

Running: Ultramarathon

Teams and games: Soccer

Fun guaranteed: Sport Fishing, Diving

Rentals and routes: Cycling

Martial arts and shows: Capoeira

Physical well-being: Yoga


Playing sports in Boa Vista is wonderful. Clean, oxygen-rich air, not excessive temperatures, the wind, the wide spaces and sounds of nature allow the absolute concentration and grant moments of pure energy.

Boa Vista is perfect for kite surfing thanks to the constant winter wind. Waves of 5-6 meters in some places, flat sea in others allow kite surfers to try out spectacular stunts or train safely, both for wind-surfing and wave surfing.

Depending on the coastal area and the seasonal period, the winds and tides alternate, giving paradisiacal periods for surfers and kiters, who enjoy long hours of sunlight and the mild water temperature (almost 30 ° in summer). The sea in the winter is best for kite surfing.

The island of Boavista offers different sea and wind conditions, varying from state to state. These conditions are suitable for beginners of water sports and for those who want to practice the skill in freestyle. The wind on the island is classified as “offshore” and “onshore” wind by kite surfers. “Offshore” is when the wind comes from the land, which is good because it keeps the waves open for longer allowing surfers to catch the waves without problems, and “Onshore” is when the wind comes from the sea and closes the waves more quickly. The exposure of the bays to the winds varies according to the various points.