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Events in Boa Vista

The Cape Verdean culture is very rich. With different modalities and areas, language, music, crafts, literature, and religion are just some elements that are part, not only of the culture but also of the traditions existing in this small country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Although for many there is no winter in Cape Verde, the island of Boavista is cooler and windier between December to March with temperatures ranging from 19º to 25ºc with exceptions. This is the ideal time for water sports. This period is recommended for sports such as surfing, kite-surfing or windsurfing, which are quite popular on the island. In December there is the Boa Vista Ultramarathon of 150 km. The Carnival of the island of Boa Vista has been growing and becoming more and more a popular party.


Time of the year that is typically associated with the revival of terrestrial flora in various parts of the world, differs in Cape Verde, especially in Boavista, which has a more arid climate. On the island, spring comes with the arrival of humpback whales from the North Atlantic that can be seen on the half-day catamaran excursions. Sport fishing is a tourist product with a worldwide rise, it can be carried out in any season of the year in Boa Vista, but spring is probably the best season as the water warms up and the sea becomes more calm. In April there is Arts Week and on the 3rd of May there is the celebration of Santa Cruz, followed by the celebration of Patron Saint in Rabil on the 4th of May. Santa Cruz activities always start a week in advance, at the pace sports and cultural programs of various kinds. Popular dinner (Canja, Guizode d'Capod and Cathupa k'botchada), followed by a cultural night with live music, fashion show and dance in the square of Boaventura. Mass and Procession of Saint Cruz followed by a Popular lunch, a cultural afternoon on the street ahead, head-on with a donkey and Cutchi Midje, cultural night with live participation of local musicians and a great Baile Popular in the multipurpose Libera.


In summer the island of Boavista is a paradise for sea turtles. Caretta Caretta turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach where you can see them at night on organized excursions or even on quad or 4×4 bikes. On the 13th of June there is the celebration of the feast of Santo Antonio in Povoação Velha. The activities in honor of the Festa do Municipio and its patron, Nha Santa Isabel begin in June. On the 4th of July there is the celebration of Santa Isabel in Sal Rei. In July you find Sal Rei full of conferences, workshops, traditional Sal-Rei fair, concerts, Noite da Guitarra, theater and exhibitions. In August there is the Praia da Cruz Festival, the biggest cultural event that takes place in the municipality. In Aldeias do Norte there is a fair in the Agricultural Sector. In the end of September there is the Morna and Gastronomy week in Sal Rei.


It is the rainy season in the Cape Verde archipelago: it rains very little, only a few days a year, and after this event the island becomes lush and completely green. The humidity is a little higher, but the wind is beginning to be felt. In October there is the National Culture Day and in November the Fisheries Fair. These are the best moments to enjoy the island on long excursions. The temperature is mild and you can sleep outside without mosquitoes. October and November are the best months to enjoy the wild nature of the island. Full moon nights in the Viana Desert or a small tent in the dunes of Chavez are combined with the tranquility that seizes the whole island.