We do the work

You can relax

Earn an annual fixed guaranteed income while being 
a privileged guest in our luxurious Resorts and Hotels 
in various exotic places.


The Condo Hotel Concept

You invest in a suite of your choice. For the next 10 years you will receive a cashback of 5% of your investment yearly, guaranteed by the bank. On top of that, you will get to enjoy the privileges of staying in any of the 7 OASIS group resorts in Cape Verde, Morocco or Brazil for 30 days per year. 



Guaranteed Revenue

Profitability of the investment is protected by a bank guarantee.

Exclusive Privileges

All hotel services are free of use during the 30 days of free stay.

Property in a prime location

The property is full, transferable, inheritable and sharable among other people.

Privileges in all OASIS resorts

You can choose to spend your holidays in any of OASIS resorts worldwide.

Why Invest Here?

Choosing Boa Vista

Buying a property in Boa Vista is certainly one of the safest investments in Cape Verde. An apartment on this wonderful island can become an excellent income over time, both for the amount of tourists who visit Boa Vista every year and for the progressive evolution of the country, which consequently increases the value of the properties.

Investing in Boa Vista as well as through Cape Verde is a choice that has rewarded numerous local and foreign entrepreneurs who are dedicated to economic, social and tourism development in the country. 

About the investment

Earning money was never this relaxing!

The apartments are sold, by notarial deed, to owners who
accept to rent them for the following 10 years at a yearly
Return On Investment of 5%. White Hotel S.A. will be responsible
of your apartment and will manage it dealing with Oasis during
the renting time. 

The owners can use their own suite or one of the same type 

in any of the Oasis resorts in Brazil, Cape Verde or Morocco 

for 30 days per year and access all services for free.

10 Years

Guaranteed income


Yearly cashback

30 Days

Free Stay

8 Resorts